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The BillStatus Story
BillStatus tracks, monitors, and reports on legislation in states and Congress through solutions delivered with a personal touch. Real people and decades of experience in legislative affairs are behind this versatile, accessible service that supports state associations, lobby/law firms, and state agencies. 

Because different types of clients depend on different types of information, right-size packages are designed to provide the flow of information each client needs. The staff’s responsiveness and the platform’s versatility create a rich environment for staying on top of legislative and congressional activities that affect your members, constituencies, or clients.  
Our wide range of clients rely on us for:
  •  Track & monitor legislation
  •  Committee meetings & actions
  •  Custom report templates
  •  Track for multiple clients
  •  Team workspace
  •  Mobile on-the-go access
  •  Daily & weekly activity notifications
BillStatus had its beginnings in the mid-1990s when a team of legislative affairs professionals began to fill a gap in the state of Alabama. Legislative sessions were generating thousands of pieces of information that were hard to organize into what stakeholders specifically needed to know as actions took place. The Alabama Legislative Reading and Research Service began to take this fractured information and compile it into easy-to-digest reports. 

The service was right for the time, yet we’ve come a long way since those sizeable paper reports.  
In 2014, under new ownership, ALRRS moved its high-volume information dissemination into an online platform that was widely searchable, easily accessible, always available, and continually up to date. Yet we maintained the personal touch that had characterized our long relationships with the organizations we serve. 

But even more importantly, as technology and the needs of our clients evolved, so did ALRRS. Under the name, we have begun to serve clients seeking legislative information in states similar to Alabama and Congress. 

To ensure consistency for our long-term clients, however, ALRRS operated as a separate tracking platform through 2017. During that time, we made many tweaks, improvements, and adjustments. Among them, ALRRS acquired PALS (Portable Alabama Legislative Service), a well-respected online tracking system that was integrated with ALRRS and served as the basis for our current platform upgrade. We have also added Congress to our legislative bodies/services as we look to expansions in other states.

As of Oct. 3, 2017, ALRRS and BillStatus have been combined into one innovative, service-focused platform that empowers anyone to affect legislation. We’re excited about the future as we continue to provide legislative tracking and reporting services with a human touch.
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